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What is Preppy in Portland?

March 31, 2010

Preppy [prep-ee] adjective,-pi·er, -pi·est

– Adjective

  1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or being a style in dress or mode of behavior of a preppy.
  2. dressing, whether on purpose or by happy coincidence in cardigans, khaki skirts, dark denim, modest (but cute) heels, ballet flats, stud earrings (pearl or similar).

Portland [port-land] noun, city, location, place name

– Noun

  1. largest city in Oregon, known for good coffee and even better beer, population nearly 600,000, incorporated in 1851, welcome to anyone who can tolerate a little rain.


  1. Rose City, Stump Town, P-town, PDX and my home.

Preppy in Portland [prep-ee in port-land] noun; blog, adjective; way of life in aforementioned location

– Noun

  1. web-log (blog) about, pertaining to, or addressing living a fabulous life in the most amazing city.
  2. often associated with, showcasing or encompassing, restaurant, salon and boutique reviews; local events; product finds and general insights on life.

– Adjective

  1. seeming, appearing and otherwise being most often but not always a fabulous and fantastic 20-something woman who often but not always seems, appears or otherwise could be considered a prep who resides in the city of Portland in the state of Oregon, often characterized by, and loved for its rainy weather, superb libations and friendly, fabulous population.
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