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50 Plates: an adventure in average

May 10, 2010

Last Thursday, after a couple glasses of wine at Pinot in the Pearl, my friend and I wandered in to 50 Plates for some late eats (and another glass of wine). I had heard mixed reviews about the restaurant, so I was excited to try it for myself.

The atmosphere is attempting a mix of upscale American diner with sleek, modern styling, but I’m not sure it succeeds. The combination of booth dining, Asian-inspired foliage and intricate tile-work seems mismatched and out of place (though the tile was beautiful).

The wine list was about average for price and number of wines. But perhaps it was the event before that stopped me short of being overly impressed at 50 Plates’ offering. On the plus side, our waiter was competent, attentive and really nice.

The dinner menu offered a number of choices at a range of different prices, especially if you’re up for tapas. I was really impressed with the selection of seafood dishes on the menu and ended up having the seared scallop special, which was incredible. Disappointingly, vegetarian entree options were almost non-existent and if you’re looking for a vegan friendly spot, keep looking.

Overall, I definitely wasn’t wowed. Although many of the pieces are there for a great dining experience, something just seems to miss the mark for me. Perhaps another try would change my mind…

What has been your experience at 50 Plates? Should I give it another chance? I’d love to hear!

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50 Plates

333 NW 13th Ave.

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